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Meet Cindy.

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After 40 years in the corporate world, Cindy decided to retire to spend more time helping others grow their pickleball aspirations, and of course, she has the pickleball bug, too.  Cindy grew up in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas ranking as high as #2 in Texas before playing tennis at LSU where she graduated in the top 3 in Business Management, and since has attained an MBA degree, as well.  Cindy played #1 at LSU for 4 years and achieved an NCAA ranking as high as the top16 in singles and top 12 in doubles.  Since her college career, Cindy has continued to play National Age Group events in the USTA and has represented the United States in the World Cup Championships.  After taking up pickleball in 2017, Cindy has excelled, winning numerous National Titles including the National Senior Games and the National Championships at  Indian Wells, California.  Cindy is IPTPA Certified and currently rated a 5.0. Her strength is in her strategic approach to the game where she can share tactics and strategies with her students.  While she doesn't typically overpower her opponents, her soft game is where she excels and where pickleball is typically won.  


Most recently, Cindy's pickleball vision led to the creation of NTX Pickleball. NTX Pickleball serves the communities of Frisco, Plano, Little Elm, The Colony, McKinney, Prosper, Celina, Denton, Carrollton, and Lewisville in the counties of Denton, Collin, and Dallas. 


NTX Pickleball caters to all levels of play from those who have never played and don't even own a pickleball paddle, to those more serious and wanting to advance in tournament play.  One thing unique about Cindy is she instructs both singles and doubles play with individual lessons or group lessons and clinics.  Cindy is an avid singles player so if you want to improve your singles or your doubles play, Cindy is the one to help you do that.  Book a private lesson to improve your game, learn the rules, learn more about match play and strategies, and learn where you can go play to meet other people to play with.  


NTX Pickleball offers classes for Beginners (never played before, paddles provided if needed), Advanced Beginners, Instructional Play, and for serious tournament players, as well.  NTX Pickleball provides group and private sessions that will focus on your singles and doubles including working on technique, footwork, skill development, and placement while teaching you about tactics and strategies, dinking, serve and return execution, 3rd shot drops, volleys, overheads, returns of serve, and much more.  There is so much to learn and it is so much fun!  There is always something to work on.

For more information on NTX offerings, please review the Pricing and Clinics Sections for more detail on the fees and services offered along with locations that will work for you. 

What people are saying about North Texas Pickleball:

"We moved to Florida and play pickleball there.  Everyone has commented on how good my serve is.  Thank you Cindy.  We didn't know how lucky we were to have you help us."

"Thank you for your help during our recent clinic.  I learned so much about technique and strategy and I try to put into use when I play now."

"I never really used the 3rd shot drop before Cindy's class but now every time I miss it I think of Cindy. When I lose a point because I try to overpower my opponent from the baseline, I alway can hear Cindy in my ear reminding me of the 3rd shot drop."

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